Grammy-winning singer The-Dream is not ready to go down without a serious legal fight against former girlfrirend Lydia Nam after being arrested and charged with felony assault this week.

According to reports, Dream believes Nam made the nasty accusations in hopes of being able to remain in the United States.

Here’s the deal. Her visa is set to expire shortly. Dream says she found out there’s a special visa that allows immigrants to remain in the country if they’re crime victims and they’re needed in the prosecution of the perpetrator. So, Dream says, that’s why she FALSELY accused him of punching, kicking and strangling her while she was pregnant with their son. (TMZ)

In Nam’s corner, reports claim Dream has assaulted her on multiple accounts.

For Nam’s part, sources close to her tell us, Dream didn’t just attack her once … he had a history of physically abusing her. She admits she waited 7 months after the strangling incident to file a police report, but she says the reason for the delay is simple — she was terrified of him. (TMZ)

The news comes on the heels of Dream releasing his new “Black” song.

In the clip, he sings about his mom, who told him, “Never be impressed by a man with no message,” while shots of Sterling pass by. Over the weekend, a recording of a man, which reportedly has been confirmed to be Sterling, is heard telling his then girlfriend that he didn’t want her posting photos online of herself with black people, specifically basketball legend, Magic Johnson. (Radio)

Earlier this year, the music-maker announced his unexpected decision to leave Def Jam.

“I will miss this logo. It all started here! Love Everything that I achieved there, EXODUS THE-DREAM #exodusthedream,” Dream wrote January 8.

“Started with Umbrella…… Since then it’s been reigning forever.”

“Creativity+No Politics.”

“Creatively engaged and tried to beat Love Hate into submission.”

“Under appreciated and unfinished! When no one would turn in a Album that year. We did, it was a grave mistake. But I am proud of my work regardless. To much EGO.”

“Creativity! My own Time my own Way. Just me and spat my Engineer at the Time. No label at All! Perfect”

“The shareholders version of 1977….”


“Let the New Tides bring The Things not yet seen! There’s more where those came from! We have only heard what I’ve brought to shore the things that lay in the deep want lye there for much longer.” (The-Dream’s Instagram)