The Cool Kids

In this SOHH exclusive The Cool Kids talk about appearing in the video game “NBA 2K9,” hitting the road with Q-Tip, and the meaning of their upcoming debut album When Fish Ride Bicycles.

Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish are two rappers from Chicago and Detroit respectively who came together to form a rap group called The Cool Kids.

Though the duo has yet to release a full-length album, the buzz from their EP, The Bake Sale, and various mixtapes has helped to land their music on HBO‘s “Entourage,” earned them a partnership with Mountain Dew and attracted the attention of the creators of the NBA 2K basketball video game series.

“The folks over at 2K got in contact with us one day and asked us to give them a cool sound so we did and here we are today,” Mikey said.

The song they submitted, “2K Pennies,” is on the soundtrack of NBA 2K9. In addition, Mikey and Chuck will be featured in the game’s NBA blacktop streetball mode.

“I been a videogame head my whole life so it’s dope to be put in a video game,” Mikey told SOHH. “We could’ve got put in a stupid one that don’t nobody play but luckily we got a cool game and they made us look pretty cool, too.”

And starting next week, the Midwest rap duo will be co-headlining the fourth annual 2K Sports Bounce Tour with veteran rapper, Q-Tip

“It’s Q-Tip. He’s one of the dudes that made it possible for me and Chuck to even be doing this right now,” Mikey said. “So it’s an honor to be on the same tour as him. It’s an honor to have somebody you looked up to to be into your stuff. It’s actually kinda crazy now that I think of it.”

In addition, The Cool Kids are putting the finishing touches on their debut album, When Fish Ride Bicycles, which they expect to drop early in ’09. According to Mickey, the title accurately describes the group’s musical offering, which will be produced entirely by Chuck.

“Its kind of abstract but it’s a really good description,” he explained. “When you get the album you’ll be like ‘Damn, that does sound like When Fish Ride Bicycles.”

The cross-country 2K Sports Bounce Tour kicks off on Wednesday, November 5th in Chicago, Illinois and will conclude on December 3rd in Philadelphia. Newcomers Pacific Division and The Knux will join Q-Tip and The Cool Kids in select cities.

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