With the heat in tact and their “Summer Jam” record in rotation, The Cool Kids hit up SOHH and discuss their favorite tracks for this time of the year.

For Chuck Inglish, records like Will Smith‘s “Summertime” are no-brainers.

“My favorite summer jam is Roy Ayers‘ ‘Sunshine,'” Chuck Inglish told SOHH. “That’s the one for me. The second one is Fresh Prince’s ‘Summertime.’ But that’s completely the same sh*t. That song is the root of the other song, I would say. ‘Sunshine’ just reminds me of smelling charcoal.” (SOHH)

Mikey Rocks highlighted classics from Naughty By Nature and Snoop Dogg as his favorite summer time jams.

“Man, I have a lot of songs. I really like “Summertime” but then there’s others like [Naughty By Nature’s] ‘OPP’,” Mikey Rocks told SOHH. “That’s one of those songs from back in the day. That was a good summer record. I don’t even remember if it really came out over the summer but I just remember it during the summertime. I played it a lot. I loved all of Snoop Dogg’s old stuff. It used to be stuff that always dropped at the right time in the summer. [Ice Cube‘s] ‘It Was A Good Day,’ all of those kinds of records were great. They really highlighted my childhood and it kind of takes me back to where I was, who I was with and what I was doing. It’s just that crazy nostalgia.” (SOHH)

Recently, Chuck Inglish talked about their music evoking summer-esque vibes.

How we’ve kind of transformed over the past few years, has just been like the Jimmy Buffet rap style. All I see is usually palm trees. I aspire for that. I don’t need no mansions, I’m not really trying to drive a Rolls Royce. I just want to wake up and fish and go to the beach and chill. I don’t think there’s been really too many relaxed, I wouldn’t say, hippie rappers … But like just in the whole vibe of summer. (Pop Crush)

The duo’s “Summer Jam” track is produced by The Neptunes’ Pharrell.

With summer vacations in full swing and July 12 quickly approaching, The Cool Kids release one of the most talked about joints off their upcoming album When Fish Ride Bicycles. “Summer Jam” was produced by Pharell, whom had been talked about by The Cool Kids as a great a collaboration, once again showed us his talent with a laid-back instrumental with some heavy drums and great background vocals. (Chicago Now)

Check out “Summer Jam” below: