[With plans to premiere a long-awaited “The End Of Malice” documentary on REVOLT TV March 27th, The Clipse’s No Malice talks to SOHH about putting together the tell-all story of his personal life.]

Putting out a documentary was always in the works. This is kind of the story of everything that I have been through. It’s very obvious to me that I was to give back and share it with the same platform that I had been addressing in my music and the same platform of people that had been supporting me and my group,

The Clipse, and with this kind of a revelation, it is the type of thing you would want to keep to yourself and you would want to just learn from your mistakes and learn to be better.

But it was profoundly obvious that I had to go back and kind of undo everything I had been celebrating and let the fans and the audience know and listen in to the entire spectrum.

We have been working on this for about two years. We’ve been on this thing for about two years and my guy Brandon Ricks, he is familiar with the Clipse and the music and he enjoyed the music. He’s Christian and he heard about the transformation of me and was like, “Yeah, I gotta get this story.”

What they do is specialize in putting out films of people who have experienced a life-changing transformation and he thought that my story would be an excellent fit.

So we got together and we made it happen. It’s been a wild ride from the beginning but it’s good.

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