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The Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion WAP Memes Are Far From Over

Written By Angie Dare

Cardi B WAP Memes Keep Going Hard
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The Internet isn’t ready for the “WAP” hype to die down. Social media has continued to celebrate the new, must-watch music video by delivering some hilarious memes.

Cardi B’s WAP Memes Are Still Going Hard

On Tuesday, a fresh batch of memes surfaced online poking fun at the new anthem’s visual and some of its on-screen antics.

“Facts 🙌🏽” -Hip Hop Memes Daily’s Instagram

Cardi B’s WAP memes are still going hard.

High-Key Details

On Tuesday, “WAP” rapper Meg Thee Stallion hit up Twitter and didn’t hold back on checking men for hating on the song’s content. She took personal aim at any grown man having an issue with the steamy woman empowerment anthem.

“Lol dudes will scream “slob on my knob” word for word and crying abt WAP 😂 bye lil boy” -Meg Thee Stallion’s Twitter

Meg Thee Stallion claps at men hating WAP right now.

Wait, There’s More

This week, rap star Cardi B lit up her Twitter page with some hilarious digital trolling. She shared memes poking fun at conservative political personality Ben Shapiro having a temper tantrum over the new anthem’s content.

Cardi made sure to also retweet some hilarious Shapiro trolling memes.

Before You Go

A deejay took things a step further and remixed Shapiro’s roasting of “WAP” with some hilarious music.

The Brooklyn-born and bred iMarkKeyz, whose real name is Brandon Davidson, is a local DJ and producer well-known for remixing videos and memes. “The Ben Shapiro Show” airs weekdays on some 200 radio stations in nine of the top 10 markets and on DailyWire.com. In expressing what can only be described as disgust at the song’s raunchy lyrics, the conservative host went on to read aloud the lyrics, censoring curse words and the song’s very title. (Variety)

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Written by Angie Dare

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