Houston rap veteran Scarface and the Geto Boys are ready to give fans what they’ve been waiting ten years for with the announcement of a new album.

According to group member Willie D, the crew has started a fundraising campaign for their new Habeas Corpus album.

The rap trio, best known for the 1991 hit “Mind Playing Tricks on Me,” has started a Kickstarter page to finance the record. “I’d like to take credit, but the fans really made it happen,” rapper Willie D tells Rolling Stone. “It’s hard to get all of us on the same page, ’cause everybody’s always doing their own thing. We are three totally different people. We didn’t grow up together. We’re not blood-related. We didn’t go to the same schools, didn’t grow up in the same neighborhood. The one commonality that we do share is being in the group.” (Rolling Stone)

Check out why Scarface previously said he didn’t want to force a Geto Boys reunion on the next page…

A couple years ago, Scarface said the music industry had him too shook about putting out new releases.

“In all honesty, man, I want to drop an album but, I don’t want it to get lost in the wash,” Face said in an interview. “You know what I’m saying? Hip-hop is bumper to bumper now. Everybody got a record company and everybody is putting out albums. You know what I mean? And then you look at hip-hop 25 years from now and hip-hop will be rewritten. It’ll be, it’s suburban white kids now. You know what I mean? Seriously. You don’t see it? Aight, well, save the music. [A Mac N Brad album?] That’s not gonna happen. Like I said, I want to release an album but I’m scared to death. Yeah. It may not be right now but it’s coming.” (FUSE)

He also vowed to not cop out to a Geto Boys reunion album but did admit one final tour could possibly go down.

“No sir,” Face added when asked about a possible reunion LP. “No sir. No, no. No, no, no. It won’t be none of that. No Geto Boys reunions, none of that. You know what? We might tour. Maybe. We may tour one more time. As far as Geto Boys albums? No sir. No sir.” (FUSE)

Scar previously talked about working alongside Beanie Sigel for the collective effort.

“Man, Beans is a f*cking class act, man,” Scarface said in an interview. “I ain’t heard nobody f*cking with him, man. He’s a f*cking genius, dude. We’re got a relationship outside of f*cking radio or whatever the f*ck is going on. That’s my partner, though. I can’t wait for this sh*t, man. Me and Beans is doing some easy sh*t right now. Separate solo acts, you know, but eventually we’re gonna double back and do that Mac N Brad sh*t, you know. I just wanted to break that news on XM, Shade 45, I f*cking with it.” (Shade 45)