It’s finally time to bring home one of the top five highest grossing films of all time. The Avengers: Infinity War is now ready to be brought home and analyzed to over the top measures.

Now, we can look for the Easter eggs to our wits end and hopefully we can find a clue as to what to expect next when we get End Game next year. This one is too easy to tell you about, but let’s hop into the reasons why you need to own Avengers: Infinity War. LET’S GO! Just beware though, spoilers ahead, although I am pretty sure you have seen the film.


I don’t know anyone who can explain to me what really happened when Thanos snapped his fingers. Did Thanos wipe out half the universe? More so, where the hell did he go? All the theories we have seen are just that, theories. Even many of the comic nerds themselves are not sure which way this will end. This is the genius in how the film was put together. All we can do is speculate and keep looking for answers hidden in the film. Cop the movie and hopefully you can solve the riddle we have to wait another year for the answer.

[Wakanda Forever is present in this Marvel Cinematic Universe masterpiece…]

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