G.O.O.D. Music’s Teyana Taylor recently came forward to share her reaction to music foe Rihanna heating up the Internet with a buzzing Vogue Brasil cover and dished on their current status.

While she cannot see herself making up with Rihanna, Taylor admitted there are no real problems with them.

“No, I don’t,” Taylor said when asked if their beef will ever cease. “I don’t know, but she did have a nice cover. There’s levels to this grown woman sh*t. I don’t gotta like her to like the cover. She didn’t cause me to lose anything. Like I said, God makes no mistakes. … We used to be cool. Let me get one thing clear, me and Rihanna is cool. You understand what I’m saying? We used to be cool. But at the end of the day, my loyalty is with my brother [Chris Brown]. If he’s dating somebody, my job is to make them feel welcomed. If he says, ‘Yo T, this is my girl, I’m ready to wife her,’ what am I gonna say? ‘Nah, I’m not messing with her because she ain’t Rihanna?’ That’s not how it works. I met Rihanna through Chris. I am Chris’ friend. You understand what I’m saying? And through my relationship with Rihanna, I loved her to death.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Rihanna’s Brasil cover surfaced across the Internet a few days ago.

Rihanna is up to her usual attention-grabbing antics in the latest issue of Vogue Brazil and for that we are forever grateful. The hit machine posed topless for the tropical pictorial, showing just enough side-boob to spark a little controversy but generally keeping it surprisingly classy. (At least, in comparison to this eye-popping shoot). (Idolator)

Last fall, Taylor said she was the victim in the Twitter sparring and singled out by RiRi’s notorious bullying antics.

“I really don’t understand either,” Taylor said referring to what Rihanna’s issues are with her. “I’ve been in the studio, recording my album, minding my business, trying to stay focus and whatever. One day, yesterday, I was randomly on my Instagram page and I had heard she made a video and I’m not following her on Instagram so I didn’t see it. I went to Twitter, someone sent me the video and I just thought it was really harsh. … I know her very well and I made that very clear in my tweets. I made that very clear. … I think that her fans are loud and they condone her behavior and she does this to everybody. And it’s not always fun and games all the time … You clapped and I clapped back. That’s what that was. You didn’t think that it would go as far as it did, but she can’t do that to everybody. I do think she’s a cyber bully. I really do. I think she’s a cyber bully. And I think she has dope music–You know I’m not no hater. Dope music is dope music. She’s a pretty girl, but that don’t mean that you can just bully anybody. It don’t work like that.” (Hot 97)

Teyana also questioned why RiRi would place so much focus and attention on her when she is allegedly worth nearly $100 million.

“We all know that especially with the net worth those are inaccurate. She went all the way online, a girl that’s worth $90 million, went all the way online to find the lowest net worth, which is false,” Taylor added. “Let’s get deeper because remember she’s worth $90 million. So, everybody thinks she’s worth $90 million. She ain’t got time, but you had time to go on Google. You had time to fix up pictures. You had time to make me your main picture, but yet you still tweet ‘I’m not gonna at her. I’m not gonna make her famous’ — I’m gonna work hard, my sh*t is gonna pop regardless. So, this wasn’t no publicity stunt. This wasn’t no trying to get no free publicity.” (Hot 97)

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