Teyana Taylor Accuses Iman Shumpert Of Being An Unfit Father

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Messy Breakups

Teyana Taylor has made shocking allegations against her estranged husband, Iman Shumpert, claiming that he is an unfit father to their two daughters.

Teyana Taylor, Iman Shumpert
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Unfit Dad?

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Teyana Taylor accuses estranged husband Iman Shumpert of consistently failing to properly care for their children, Junie,8, and Rue,3. 

Taylor alleges that Shumpert has engaged in risky behavior around their children, where she claimed that the NBA player had smoked marijuana in their presence, even going as far as being under the influence while caring for them. Furthermore, Taylor points out a particular incident where Shumpert allegedly put their daughters in a rideshare in Chicago and had them dropped off at the United Center alone, while he had a private driver take him to the arena. 

A Messy Divorce

It’s worth noting that these accusations come amid Taylor and Shumpert’s ongoing split.

In late 2022, Taylor announced their separation on social media, but the issues between them have escalated. Taylor had previously expressed feeling endangered as she claims to have suffered emotional abuse while with Shumpert, which led to the denial of these claims by the NBA player.

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Iman Shumpert Denies Teyana Taylor’s Spousal Support Request

Ex-NBA player Iman Shumpert has fired back at allegations of irresponsibility, and cruelty in his ongoing divorce from singer Teyana Taylor. Shumpert denies Taylor’s claims, including demands for spousal support and concerns over their daughters’ safety. 

Iman Shumpert Defends His Parenting

Iman Shumpert has taken a strong stance against Teyana Taylor’s recent allegations, particularly those related to his parenting. 

According to Taylor’s petition, she accused Shumpert of being nonchalant about their daughters’ safety and leaving them with others for the majority of the time he requested to spend with them:

“[Shumpert] does not acknowledge this fact, nor does he properly ensure the children’s safety in public settings or otherwise. [Shumpert] asks for significant time with the parties’ minor children, but then leaves them with his parents or others for a majority of the time requested. [Shumpert’s] interest in the parties’ daughter is more like his chance for photo opportunities as opposed to [Shumpert] providing true parenting and care for the girls. [Taylor] further shows the Court that when [Shumpert] gets angry, he is irresponsible with the girls.”

Joint Custody

RadarOnline reports that Shumpert vehemently denied these claims and asserted that their children did not primarily live with their mother.

In response to the ongoing legal battle, Shumpert has requested joint “custody, custodial rights, decision-making authority, and parenting time that is in the best interest of their children.” Currently, Shumpert has been awarded 4-6 days a month to see his daughters.

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Teyana Taylor Breaks Her Silence & Asks Fans For Privacy

Teyana Taylor, the versatile singer, songwriter, and actress, has candidly addressed the swirling rumors surrounding her divorce from NBA player Iman Shumpert. Breaking her silence in an emotional Instagram post, Taylor refuted any engagement with media outlets or blogs on the private matter, expressing frustration at the public exposure of court documents.

Teyana Taylor Breaks Her Silence

Teyana Taylor has finally addressed the rumors surrounding her divorce from Iman Shumpert. 

In an emotional Instagram post on Nov. 24, the multi-talented artist addressed the ongoing speculation about her divorce from Iman Shumpert. She began by asserting that she had not spoken to any media outlets or blogs about the private matter and criticized the leaking of court documents to the public. 

Taylor stated: 

“I mind my business, don’t bother nobody & y’all know I’ve never played about my children, family & our privacy. I have not spoken on this private matter to any media outlets or blogs etc. So everyone claiming “Teyana said” didn’t get any statements directly from ME. These statements were taken from private court documents that were leaked to the public. It is very heartbreaking that someone would take out the time to make such a private matter public for the world to see. However, Protecting my family is one thing I’ve ALWAYS done & for my children I will continue to do so. Please if y’all love y’all play nieces Junie & Rue like y’all have shown, please allow my self & my family some privacy to resolve this matter in peace Love y’all”

A TikTok Video Resurfaces

According to the leaked court documents, Taylor mentioned feeling the need to “dim her light” and cited instances of “jealousy.” The singer’s ex-assistant, who goes by @Klatschhh, also took to TikTok, reenacting what allegedly transpired between Taylor and Shumpert in 2021. 

The videos suggest that Taylor staged a hospitalization due to the mental strain caused by her husband’s infidelity. Furthermore, it was claimed that Taylor canceled a show due to allegedly being intoxicated on cocaine.

Fans on Twitter (X) have been shocked by this news as one user (@ladidaix) stated: “I genuinely feel so bad for her. Teyana doesn’t deserve any of this heartbreak or humiliation. Hoping she can experience peace soon.” While another user (@sweetcarmel77) stated, “ Teyana Taylor must have forgotten how very open she’s been about her marriage to Iman Shumpert literally & figuratively. So when something happens & u both are stars well it will come out to sell celebrity content.”

Neither Iman Shumpert nor his representatives have made any statements regarding the divorce. It remains to be seen if further allegations or details will be revealed as the legal proceedings continue.

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Teyana Taylor Confirms Separation From Husband Iman Shumpert

Teyana Taylor has confirmed her separation from her husband, Iman Shumpert amidst divorce rumors. The “Rose In Harlem” artist ended the speculations by acknowledging their split but clarifying that infidelity was not a factor. 

Still Besties

In an Instagram post on September 17, 2023, Teyana Taylor confirmed her separation from husband Iman Shumpert. She emphasized that despite their split, they remain best friends, excellent business partners, and devoted co-parents to their two beautiful children:

“ AHT AHT! Not too much on my bestie! In all fairness, Iman and I are separated and have been for a while. To be 1000% clear, “infidelity” ain’t one of the reasons for our departure. We are still the best of friends, great business partners and are one hell of a team when it comes to co-parenting our 2 beautiful children.”

She continued:

“Most importantly we are FAMILY & in the 10yrs together, 7yrs married we ain’t ever played with or about THAT. We just keep y’all asses out the group chat lol, which is the reason we’ve been able to successfully & peacefully separate without all of the outside noise. The only reason I’m even sharing THIS part of the chat is because the narratives are getting a little out of hand & it’s unfair to all parties involved. I hope this provided some clarity for y’all. Okay AunTey taking y’all back out the chat bye!”


Outpouring Support

The public confirmation of the separation has garnered support and attention from various notable celebrities, such as Keke Palmer and Jill Scott

Palmer commented, “With grace and class, God bless you and your beautiful family,” while Scott expressed her support for the genuine love and positive energy in Taylor’s family. 

Scott commented, “ The love is real and so is the positive energy. I’m rooting for your family’s genuine joy.” 

It is worth noting that Iman Shumpert, Taylor’s husband, has not made any significant presence on social media since the announcement. However, despite the separation, Taylor’s message emphasized that both parties have handled the separation successfully and peacefully, choosing to keep private matters out of the public eye.

Teyana x Afropunk

In other Teyana Taylor news, the New York native made headlines for a different reason in August 2023. 

Taylor was set to take the stage as a headlining performer for Afropunk, replacing the previously announced artist, Jazmine Sullivan. Sullivan shared the news in an Instagram story post on August 17, 2023, expressing her support for Taylor’s upcoming performance.

Jeezy Files For Divorce From Jeannie Mai

In other news related to break-ups, rapper Jeezy and television personality Jeannie Mai have reportedly filed for divorce, ending their two-and-a-half-year marriage. The once-wedded couple’s split adds to the string of recent celebrity break-ups.

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