Hollywood star Terry Crews isn’t caving in to Curtis Jackson’s onslaught of disses and trolling. The actor has responded to shots fired his way from 50 Cent amid his publicized sexual assault experience.

New footage has emerged of Terry responding to 50 and opting out of engaging in a war of words.

“Well, I love 50 Cent. I listen to his music while I’m working out. I’ve proved that size doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual assault.” (TMZ)

Yesterday, Terry testified before Congress about his alleged sexual assault.

Actor Terry Crews recounted his story of sexual assault — telling lawmakers Tuesday that even as a former NFL linebacker and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star, “I sit here as an example” of survivors. Appearing before a Senate committee hearing to advocate for the “Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights,” Crews said, “This happened to me, too.” “A lot of people believe a person like me can’t be victimized, but what happened to me has happened to many, many others.” After seeing survivors come forward only to be met with persecution and backlash, Crews said he revealed his own story to say “I believed them, I supported them, and that this happened to me, too.” (ABC News)

A few hours ago, 50 Cent went to Instagram and shared his own two cents about Crews’ publicized situation.

Last October, Terry went to Twitter and revealed his sexual assault experience with a Hollywood executive.

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