After hinting at a Rakim collaboration being in the works last week, SOHH reached out to Boston’s Termanlogy to get the inside scoop on how they officially hooked up.

According to Term, he came across Rakim at an emceeing contest sponsored by Red Bull held in Boston last week.

Bun B has a contest. It was a Red Bull contest for an emcee battle. He did it in Boston and so he had called me out to do an interview for his show and when I went there, Rakim was one of the judges. So with me just chilling with Bun B backstage, I ended up bumping into Rakim and his manager. They were mad cool and we started chopping it up with him. Rakim told me he was down to do a record. He was like, ‘Yeah, so let’s do something’. He gave me his number and I told him I wanted to do it on a DJ Premier beat and he said, “H*ll yeah.” So hopefully it’s going to go down.” (SOHH)

Although he is confident with his rhymes, Term said he expects Rakim to lyrically outshine him on their upcoming record.

“I didn’t even realize I was going to get to meet him so it was a crazy surprise all the way,” Term added. “I just don’t even know what to say. When it comes to lyrics, there’s really nobody better than Rakim. He created the style that we all use. Jay-Z, Big Pun, every dope rapper has a little bit of Rakim in them. Pause. He’s just so amazing. So I’m expecting him to body me on the track. I expect Rakim to body everybody he gets on a track with. But I’m gonna come with it and bring my A-game. We’re going to make amazing records.” (SOHH)

Last week, Term tweeted about meeting the hip-hop pioneer.

“Dog I met mutha f*ckin RAKIM 2night… And he told me he wanna do a song with me. #HOLYSH*T thank u @BunBTrillOG #SALUTE,” he tweeted October 6th.

“Wow crzy night wit Bun B and Met Rakim. Wow SPeeeechle$$$$” (Termanology’s Twitter)

Recently, New York rap veteran Cormega told SOHH how much of an impact Rakim has had on hip-hop.

“First and foremost, Rakim is the blueprint for modern rap. Period. There’s no debate to it. Before Rakim, it was “Peter Piper picked peppers, but Run rocked rhymes,” sh*t like that. That’s what was up. But that was simple. Rakim changed rap. If there’s no Rakim, if you erase Rakim from rap, then the whole landscape is different. That’s the respect I got for him. That’s number one.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out recent Termanology footage below:

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