New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is have too much fun these days. The hip-hop entertainer went online to share a hilarious meme clip with a heavily edited version of his new “Trollz” music video.

6ix9ine x Trollz

Instead of playing the original “Trollz” sounds, Tek opted for going with some hilarious sound effects, as 6ix9ine trolled himself. 6ix9ine posted up a clip featuring some cringe and funny edits plastered onto the actual music video.

“My life is a joke but somehow I’m winning.. legend” -Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Instagram

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My life is a joke but somehow I’m winning.. legend

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6ix9ine trolls himself

High-Key Details

On Wednesday, “Trollz” collaborator Nicki Minaj went to Instagram with some jaw-dropping pics. One shot featured Minaj showing off a massive chest and asking a bra size question.

“Oh hey 👋🏽 if u wear a triple D cup/double E cup or bigger, what bra is actually comfortable on u? Asking for a friend. 🌈🦄🎀😜” -Nicki Minaj’s Instagram

Nicki Minaj’s reveals her bra size

Wait, There’s More

On Tuesday, Minaj hit up her social media pages to drop some major unreleased “Trollz” bars. Nicki admitted there are multiple alternate versions of her and rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s smash and shared one of her new verses.

“The official #Trollz verse was version 11. This was version 1. Verse changes and beat changes… but now u guys get a glimpse of where my verse begins vs. how it ends up once my creative process is complete. ♥️🌈🦄” -Nicki Minaj’s Twitter

Nicki Minaj reveals the Trollz alternate version

Before You Go

On Monday, Nicki Minaj jumped on Twitter to promote a new “Trollz” lyrics video. The rap heavyweight shared some new artwork and provided a link to the clip.

“New lyric video … plus new Merch on  #Trollz” -Nicki Minaj’s Twitter

Nicki Minaj’s helps us our by linking to a Trollz lyrics video