New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine might be the King of Trolling. The hip-hop newcomer has trolled vixen Blac Chyna with a pinch of savagery.

Tek went to Chyna’s Instagram page Sunday (April 15) and hinted at something possibly brewing between them.

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Despite keeping his relationship status low-key, Tek supposedly has a daughter.

Shared with an unknown former girlfriend, Tekashi has one daughter. This is still unknown to many people, as he’s really only spoken or posted about her once. Her age, name, and literally everything else is unknown. The only time Tekashi was publically seen with the child was at her birthday party during one of his Instagram livestreams. A bystander also managed to capture the scene on video. Perhaps this is a good thing, though. Tekashi and his ex might purposely be avoiding the spotlight for the sake of the child. (SOHH)

A few days ago, Tek wiped out his entire Instagram page and left a message about his whereabouts.

Recently, Tek hinted at plans of calling it quits on the rap game before 2019.