New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is feeling more than confident these days. The hip-hop star has tooted his own horn after getting his “BeBe” single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Tekashi went to Instagram last night (September 10) to geek out over having his Spanish anthem turning into a certified hit.

“To all you f*cking d*ck riders, don’t act like I forgot y’all were talking about this Spanish song is not gonna be a hit. It’s eight for nine. It’s not going to be on the Billboard. N*gga I made a whole f*cking Spanish record and the sh*t made it on the English Billboard. Debuted it at f*cking 30 with a f*cking Spanish record. Remember all y’all d*ck riders that were talking about, ‘Oh, he’s not gonna make it on Billboard. Nah, this ain’t it chief.’ Stoopid! F*cking dummy! Stoopid a** n*ggas! I oughta call the next one ‘Stoopid’ for all the stoopid a** n*ggas like you, stoopid. F*cking Bozo. Look at y’all. Y’all sick right now. Another f*cking Billboard hit. Nine for nine.”

Yesterday, rap star Nicki Minaj geeked out over her “FeFe” collaborator linking up with hip-hop heavyweight Kanye West.

Over the weekend, Kanye shared a pic of himself hanging out with Tek and longtime friend Consequence.

Last week, Kanye gave Twitter followers a look at 6ix9ine posing with a pair of sneakers.

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