Tekashi 6ix9ine Responds To Game, YG & Anyone Else W/ Smoke For Him: “There’s Grown A** Men Marching The Streets Looking For Me”

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

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New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine isn’t shaking in his kicks over any hater. The self-proclaimed “King of New York” has responded to the overwhelming amount of negativity coming his way.

In a new “The Breakfast Club” interview, Tek unloaded on his recent headline-generating e-beefs.

“There’s grown a** men marching the streets looking for me. That sh*t drives me, I got these n***as missing work, they not taking care of they kids. Them n****s marching the streets looking for a kid with rainbow hair. How stupid could you look?” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Tek also dug into getting labeled as a child molester by news outlets and rap foes.

“This is how nasty the media is. This is how nasty they are and try to paint a picture and violate. This is what the system does to youth. I’m an 18-year-old kid with my life in front of me. Now that I rap and I’m somebody when these charges come up, it’s like “Oh my god, he’s a monster. … But paint it to where the kid is a kid at the end of the day and got caught up in some s**t. When people comment under my sh** ‘pedophile’ and all that sh*t, I’m so numb to it because I know what I am and who I am. Say, I would understand if I was [Charlamagne’s] age and got this charge and it looked disturbing but the media don’t see it as, ‘this kid got caught up in some sh**.’ How many people get caught up in some sh*t where a girl lie about her age? There was no sexual intercourse between me and the female at all. I just got arrested for being in the situation. I plead guilty this quick [snaps finger], I was scared. I had no money, I was poor, I wasn’t rapping.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

A few hours ago, West Coast rapper YG publicly blasted Tek in an IG post.

“N*gga on Bompton and Piru, n*gga f*ck 6ix9ine! N*gga! On Bloods. What’s happening Blood? F*ck 6ix9ine! N*gga! Yeah! 4Hunnid said it, n*gga!”

Earlier this week, West Coast hip-hop executive Wack 100 gave Tek a final warning about claiming he’s affiliated with the Bloods.


Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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  1. Bitch boy 69 keeps running his mug telling people to test his gangsta but when heads pull up he hides like a bitch till they are gone.This rainbow brite frootloop fucken low life is gonna get dropped when he least expects it and the world will be laughing when it does happen

    • Wack 100 is 60, Game 40 and YG 30 trying to turn up on a 18 year old kid with rainbow hair. They need to shut their mouth and let the legal system handle it. Let’s not forget that rappers are entertainers putting on a show. Don’t get to emotional over the latest episode. I don’t condone any criminal acts toward women or children. Game, Wack and YG is using the situation to get Instagram followers.

    • This rainbow kid started out of the blue with the game by posting about him being on Change of heart 20 years old ago, this kid is craving beef he tried to start with Casanova too everywhere he goes he brings negative energy with him!

  2. shame on the breakfast club for giving this fuckup a outlet, he craves all this negativity publicity, his creating way to many enemies.

    • Llittle boy is gonna get his gangsta tested so bad he is gonna get smoked one day Cruz of that big mouth of his

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