New York rappers Tekashi 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj are sitting pretty on platinum right now. The duo have come forward to celebrate their “FeFe” collaboration officially reaching a new milestone.

On Sunday, both Nicki and Tek acknowledged their huge achievement. Minaj went a step further and revealed she’d interview Tek on an upcoming Queen Radio Apple Music broadcast.

Earlier this month, Minaj shared an insane story about how “FeFe” involvement came together.

Last month, Tekashi announced his and Nicki’s “FeFe” video had already received over 70 million views after just 7 days.

Recently, Tek took a minute to acknowledge how mainstream he’s become over the past few months.

“Yo I’m really the hottest artist in the f*cking America right now. Three days. 36 million views. Number one. Apple. Number one. Everywhere. Everywhere we number one. It’s f*cking Treyway. At this time I’m so happy. Shout-out to Nicki. Shout-out to Murda. I’m so happy I did this, this time, because I gave ’em so much time – ‘Gummo,’ by myself. ‘Kooda,’ by myself. ‘Billy,’ by myself. ‘Gotti,’ by myself. Straight Billboard hits by myself. ‘Tati,’ by myself. Now when I do a feature nobody can say, ‘Yo, it’s because of this person, because of that person,’ n*gga you seen me do it by myself for months.”

Rap stars Nicki Minaj and Future have pinned Tek to join their upcoming nationwide fall tour.