Rap rookie Tekashi 6ix9ine might have just lost his King of New York title. The hip-hop star has announced he’s packing his bags for Los Angeles after losing a bet to vixen Brittany Renner.

Tek went to Instagram this week to share epic footage of his soccer challenge to Renner. If he won, she would have had to move to the Big Apple.

Yesterday, 6ix9ine reimagined a classic Michael Jordan rings pic to boast about his Billboard Hot 100 success.

This week, Tek promised he had another Billboard-bound smash on deck.

“I don’t think y’all n*ggas f**king understand! It’s f**king Tr3yway! I just landed in LA right, I’m already nine for nine on the Billboard. I just landed, right, and I got another f**king hit! When y’all hear this s**t – y’all don’t even understand. I got another hit. I just don’t know how to preview it right now because I don’t even want people to know.”

Last weekend, Tekashi announced his and Nicki Minaj‘s “FeFe” video had already received over 70 million views after just 7 days.