New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine isn’t letting a little jail incident bring down his high. The hip-hop newcomer has celebrated more life with some more jewelry – specifically a decked-out My Little Pony neckpiece.

Tek went to Instagram Wednesday (July 18) to reference his recent jail drama and also introduce the world to his newest necklace.

“I haven’t done this in awhile, it’s been a long tour. I’m back in America. Despite all the jail stuff going on, I lost 30 pounds, I feel good. I just got my hair done. I’m still the fastest kid in the world. I got a new piece. Never been done before. My Little Pony with actual f*cking hair. Human hair. We f*cking did it again.”

This week, reports emerged about Tek surrendering to Houston law enforcement over a recent physical altercation case.

Tekashi was true to his word, flying to TX over the weekend and showing up just after midnight Monday where he surrendered, posted $5k bail and walked out. His arraignment is set for Friday but we’re hearing he may be in court Monday morning … it’s unclear why he’d have to show up before the arraignment. The misdemeanor carries a maximum of 1 year in jail. (TMZ)

Last week, Tek finally had his request to get out of a New York jail on bail granted.

Justice Ann Scherzer had denied two previous bail requests but “acknowledged a significant change in circumstances.” Tekashi was picked up on a warrant at JFK Airport on Wednesday for skipping out on a Texas court date to face allegations he choked a fan. Scherzer ordered him held without bail because he admitted missing court to go on tour in Europe. But Texas authorities reached out to Manhattan prosecutors and asked to have Tekashi returned for his misdemeanor case. (Page Six)

Coincidentally, a judge denied Tek’s request last Thursday (July 13) to get out of jail.

It was mentioned by the prosecutor that 6ix9ine is a flight risk, which weighed into the court’s decision to keep him locked up. The star’s mother was inconsolable during the hearing after learning her son would not be released. He will remain behind bars until officials from Harris County, TX come to NYC and pick him up on the misdemeanor assault warrant. (The Blast)