New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine isn’t backing down from Curtis Jackson. The hip-hop newcomer has fired back at shade coming his way from “Get The Strap” collaborator 50 Cent.

Tek went to Instagram Sunday (September 23) to troll Fif by reenacting the rap veteran’s 2003 hit “In Da Club.”

Instead of getting upset, 50 applauded 6ix9ine’s clip and said he’s focused again.

Yesterday, Curtis Jackson ripped Tek for sporting a flashy jacket and questioned his sexuality.

“Here we are backstage in Dublin after the show and I am so devastated. I’m devastated. My son has on a sparkling jacket. He has a sparkling jacket like Puffy and he says he no longer wants to be the king of New York. Does this mean 6ix9ine’s gay? Does this mean my son’s gay? Does this mean my child is gay? Are you people having a good day because I just found out my son is gay. Next he’s going to say f*ck Tr3yway and he’s going legit. [laughs]”

A few hours prior, Tek said he would drop his “King of New York” crown and go for the “King of the World” title.

“Y’all n*ggas peep the f*cking drip. A Boogie, Don Q, 50, all y’all keep that ‘King of New York’ sh*t. I already had that sh*t. Y’all can have that sh*t. I’m the King of Europe. This how we bumming. King of Europe sh*t. You heard? Y’all can keep y’all dollars. I’m the King of Europe. This is how we bumming. Yo, A Boogie, get your swag up. I’m more drippier than you. You heard? Yo 50, keep all that sh*t. Y’all little broke a** kids can pay me. You heard me? Keep your watch too. I got the same one.”