New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is putting the Los Angeles International Airport behind him and flexing what’s more important – his long-awaited Day69 studio album release. The Brooklyn hip-hop artist has reacted to his LP’s new rollout.

Tek went to Instagram Friday (February 23) to celebrate his new solo project’s arrival.

Earlier in the week, hip-hop artist Acie High came forward to address his publicized attack on Tek at LAX.

Acie — who’s in a rap group out of Texas called Aqualeo — says he and his partner, Priceless, were dropping some girls off at LAX when Tekashi’s crew started hitting on the chicks. Acie says he and Priceless told the guys to stop, they wouldn’t, so things exploded. Acie says he always thought there would be a time when he would do a little street justice, and seems more than happy 6ix9ine and his crew pushed his buttons at the airport. (TMZ)

Acie also went to his Instagram page to address the attack and ripped Tek for running away.