Rap veteran Tech N9ne needs answers – ASAP. The hip-hop veteran has called out the hip-hop community for giving rap newcomer Lil Uzi Vert a pass for making controversial religious statements.

Tech went to Instagram Sunday (November 4) to ask fans to explain why he suffered past backlash and Uzi Vert’s actions are overlooked.

A few years ago, N9ne talked about the perception of devil worshipping.

“I grew up in the church – it’s just my imagery is more extreme than the regular. We do a lot of crazy things when we’re on drugs. I’ve done some crazy stuff when I was on drugs.” (“Sway In The Morning”)

Last month, vixen Brittany Renner leaked an aggressive audio message she left for Uzi Vert where she went off on him for not giving her enough attention.

“You know what’s really crazy, Symere? Is that when I originally got invited, I was not even going to go but it was so crazy like we’re in the same city and you really weren’t that pressed to see me. You didn’t really care to spend time with me. You actually didn’t really respond to my text the day that I had text you. I mean, you don’t even f*ck me. It’s like, if I were to tell you I want to suck your d*ck then I would think that you would probably get somebody else to do it, right? It’s the same kind of concept. I’ve given you so many chances after embarrassing me publicly time after time again when I know you still f*ck with that other b*tch — on top of the other one and God knows how many more. So, it’s like you really have nobody to blame but your f*cking self.”

Some media outlets speculate the now-viral rant could actually help his image.

Renner added that she offered the box to Uzi and even offered to give him all her brains and he still put her on ignore mode. On top of that, she later found out that he has been smashing a bunch of other chicks the whole time. This story sounds like it will help Lil Uzi Vert more than hurt him because it will help clear up some of those gay rumors that have been floating around. (Urban Islandz)