Celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom is one of the rare cases of fame where a person receives more recognition by other entertainers than fans, and for good reason. Bloom has built up an outstanding reputation for being one of the best lawyers in the whole field, and has an impressive resume.

The general public doesn’t really know much about her outside of representing Blac Chyna in her revenge porn case against ex-fiancée Rob Kardashian and now a publicized feud with 50 Cent, so with that being said, here’s 5 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Lisa Bloom.

1. Bloom helped take down Bill O’Reilly.

Amid the sexual harassment allegations against Bill O’Reilly, a trio of the women involved went to Bloom for their cases. Bloom ended up representing all of them for free, and exults in the fact that O’Reilly went off the air, declaring victory. Among her clients were Wendy Walsh, whose claim was the one that ultimately resulted in the dismissal of the famous FOX political commentator.

[2. Lisa Bloom has a connection to one of the biggest alleged sexual abuse predators in Hollywood…]

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