[After storming London’s O2 Arena stage with Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky last week, Taylor Gang’s Chevy Woods talks to SOHH about his admiration for rising Detroit rapper Dej Loaf and their "All Said and Done” collaboration.]

She’s awesome and she’s beautiful. She’s sexy. With her, for me it was just like, I like her music, I enjoy her music. I get down with [h[her #AndSeeThatsTheThing]P and all that.

For me, it’s not like I’m sexually attracted to her, like I want to get with her sort of thing. She’s beautiful and I love the way she puts her fashion [t[together]her outfits and how she wears things together.

So I’m attracted to her voice and how she styles, puts on her clothes and things of that nature.

We didn’t know it, but once we found out, we had mutual friends. So my mutual friends hit up her mutual friends. My homegirl PJ wrote the [["All Said and Done”]ecord, which is amazing. The hook was amazing. We just felt like it needed that edge, that Midwest type of edge.

She sort of comes from the background that I come from, being that it is Midwest. When she sent it back she blew me away, I was like, ‘This is perfect, I don’t want to find nobody else. She sounds amazing on it.’ It was just a cool vibe.

I got to talk to her and hang out with her on the video shoot and talk about touring because she was going on [Nicki Minaj‘s]kprint tour and it was her first tour. She was asking me questions, of how it is performing in front of people, things of that nature.

I gave her, not no game but conversation just to say, “you got it”, and, “This is going to be this” and “Expect this and expect that.”

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