Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris‘ ex-girlfriend Tamika Fuller has updated fans on her situation after losing a publicized child custody battle with the rap star last week.

According to Fuller, the costs linked with her court fights have forced her to reach out to supporters for financial help.

“I’m back to working full time, but even that isn’t enough to cover the many expenses that come with this fight. I was hesitant to set up a Gofundme page but since my story ran I’ve received overwhelmingly supportive feedback from women and mothers across the country who have offered assistance and want to help with launching my organization. I plan to use donation money to start setting up my non-profit “No Mother Left Behind” with a mission to educate, enrich, enlighten and empower low income mothers and also to help bring my own daughter back.” (Madame Noire)

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Reports last week claimed a judge rejected Fuller’s request for a new child custody trial.

There was a pregnant pause in the courtroom as the judge read through the long article. The court was silent except for the rustling of pages turning. Several minutes later, Judge Downs looked up and asked the attorneys if they had any other evidence to present to the court. Attorneys on both sides said they had nothing more to present. And with that, the judge ended the hearing with the words “MOTION DENIED!” (Sandra Rose)

In her tell-all posted on Madame Noire, Fuller claimed Luda tried to have her lose their child and would reward her.

“He promised me the world – trips on his private jet and other perks of the rich and famous – if I would just have the abortion. He made me feel as if I was ruining us. It was as if he believed that our friendship should take precedence over the life growing inside of me and when he realized that it didn’t, it couldn’t, my real nightmare began.” (Madame Noire)

Recent reports claimed Fuller felt she deserved a chance to win back custody of their daughter.

Ludacris’ baby mama is not going down without a fight … she claims he railroaded her in their custody battle by keeping BIG secrets from the judge. As we reported, Tamika Fuller lost custody of their 1-year-old daughter back in January. She now claims in legal docs she deserves a second bite of the apple because Luda didn’t tell hizzoner his new wife is pregnant and he’s such a bad parent he’s getting a nanny to do the heavy lifting. (TMZ)