[Known for hitting up every dope food spot he’s around no matter the city, Javotti Media’s Niko Is talks all-grub everything with SOHH.]

I try to always be on a food adventure. I don’t do Yelp. I don’t believe in people’s reviews. I don’t really do the Google foods. I like just being in a place and adventuring to find something.

I wish I could give you this feeling

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I like something that’s local. I want to put the money in the community. That’s what we do on tour. When we’re on tour me and the guys like [producer] Thanks Joey will go on an adventure, just walk to wherever the bus is parked and try to really soak into the community.


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That’s one of the best things of traveling, trying new things. There’s no point in going somewhere and not trying new things. That kind of defeats the purpose. You can’t go somewhere and think you’re not going to embrace the culture of the community.


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It’s kind of selfish of you.

meals in paradise

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