Brooklyn emfcee Talib Kweli has weighed in on the weekend’s shocking news of fellow hip-hop artist/activist Wyclef Jean sustaining a gunshot wound to his hand.

While some viewed the hand incident as minor, Kweli considered the bigger picture.

“wtf? We NEED Wyclef,” he tweeted over the weekend.

“All yall talking about calm down its only his hand would change yall tune if someone was trying to murder you. They wasnt goin for his hand”

“we love Wyclef. Glad he’s ok. The man sacrifices for his people.” (Talib Kweli’s Twitter)

The shooting was first confirmed by ex-Fugees member Pras.

“Everyone can relax Wyclef is fine… They can’t stop us not one bullet or a machine gun!!!!!!!,” he tweeted Saturday.

“Yes they shot Wyclef and he’s in the hospital and he’ll be fine. They just shot his hand ..”

“Mess with me, I’ll fight back. Mess with my friends, I’ll hurt you. Mess with the ones I love, and they’ll never be able to identify you.” (Pras’ Twitter)

Wyclef’s camp also updated his well-being and thanked fans for their support.

“We have spoken to Wyclef, he is ok. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers – Managment,” his camp tweeted March 20th. (Wyclef Jean’s Twitter)

Today, a spokesperson provided fans with the latest update on Jean’s condition.

On Monday morning (March 21), spokesperson Derek Johnson said Wyclef is out of the hospital and resting comfortably after the incident. “Fortunately, Wyclef is fine, undeterred by the incident and looking forward to his return home to finish his forthcoming album,” Johnson said in a statement. (MTV)

Check out some recent Wyclef Jean footage down below: