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Vixen Taina Williams is showing love to her true day one. The hip-hop model went online this week to share a super throwback pic of her mom Emily B in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Taina’s Salute

Last night, Williams hit up Instagram with a must-see pic. The shot features Emily B’s daughter Taina as a kid hugging her mom from way back in the day.

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“Happy Mother’s Day Mami ❤️❤️ I love youuuu .. Thank you for everything 🥰 @emilyb_” -Taina Williams’ Instagram

Emily B’s daughter Taina sends a heartfelt message to her mom

Fab Life

On Monday, Taina’s stepdad Fabolous shared a belated Mother’s Day shout-out to Emily. Fab credited her for holding down their family and especially their kids.

“Happy Mother’s Day @emilyb_ I Love You & Appreciate You for all that you do for me & our kids.. You’re the Superwoman who saves the day over & over for us. Thank You for continuing to be there even in our hardest times. ❤️💯” -Fabolous’ Instagram

Wait, There’s More

In March 2020, Fabolous gave fans a boo’d up new pic. In the shot, he’s standing up rocking a matching pair of kicks to his bae Emily B’s outfit.

“Queen & Slim”

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Queen & Slim

A post shared by Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) on

Fabolous twins with Emily B

Before You Go

Fab recently gave Instagram followers an up-close look into his relationship goals. The rap star went to his IG page with a shot of himself and longtime bae twinning. The duo are both rocking matching blue colors and showing iced-out jewelry.

“No days off.”

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No Days OFF @emilyb_

A post shared by Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) on

Fabolous twins with Emily B in matching blue drip

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