Video vixen Tahiry has unleashed her strict guidelines for appearing in music videos and what her fans can expect her not to do while teasing rolling cameras.

Tahiry’s self pride restricts her from becoming typical eye candy for eager viewers.

“Anything that I have to drop it like it’s hot, put it in a glass with oil. Like, I’m not the drop-it-like-it’s-hot girl, I’m not the girl that you’ll ever catch in the tub just feeling herself. We good. I’m the girl with the mouth, but I just look good in a thong.” (XXL Mag)

She also revealed her recent involvement in a new music video.

“I just actually did a video, [DJ] Enuff has an artist. It’s French. Jobere is his name. He’s a rapper. Jim Jones is featured and so is Pusha T. I just did that you know. Me and Enuff go back 10 years, so why not do that video. So far, I don’t know about hip-hop videos. I don’t really consider myself a hip-hop video vixen or a video girl to begin with. I’m more like a personality.” (XXL Mag)

In late 2009, Tahiry was spotted in 50 Cent‘s “Do You Think About Me” music video.

“Being involved with 50, yes [it’s great], the video shoot [laughs],” Tahiry told DJ Whoo Kid in an interview. “He’s awesome. No, no, no, he’s awesome. He is a very smart person, he’s very care-taking. He took very good care of me. See, let me explain something to you, I’m not with the whole [revenge moves], everything that’s happening, people have their issues. It is a [coincidence] on my part, I was called for a part in the video, his love interest and I said ‘Okay, 50, why not?’ I’m not thinking about [Joe Budden], I’m not thinking about anybody else, I don’t care what he’s doing, what he’s with who, anything that has to do with him, it’s no longer my business…Let’s move on, can I live? I’m going to continue to do me whether another record comes out about me, another blog. I don’t really care.” (Radio Planet TV)

Following her public break-up with rapper Joe Budden, Tahiry defended her image and responded to criticism from Hot 97 radio host Funkmaster Flex.

“Shout-outs to Flex, I don’t remember exactly,” Tahiry said, “I think he touched bases on my relationship where Joey gave me life and I thank Joey very much for exposing my backside, the cover of KING Magazine and everything else that’s happened. Thank-you Joe. And he said something about Joey giving me life and me not being a celebrity, fine, but I think he went in on a lot of other people so the beginning, first two minutes I was like ‘Flex — you know how it feels to have people commenting about your personal [life], it’s not a very good feeling,’ but then I forget people don’t really know me personally and people didn’t know much from what they saw on blogs about my five-year relationship so to each’s own, as long as they keep talking.” (Global Grind)

Check out some recent Tahiry footage below: