In light of recent confusion on whether or not Slum Village has officially broken up, founding member T3 has come forward to clear the air on continuing his crew’s legacy.

Unsure of what the future holds, T3 believes the loss of members like Baatin and J Dilla has created uncertainty of future albums.

“Well, number one, I did put out a statement that [Villa Manifesto] will be Slum Village’s last album. I did that personally and the only reason why I put out that statement is because I am unsure if there is going to be another Slum Village album or not. It’s not because of any beefs or anything, it’s just the fact that the way this album is put together with me, [J] Dilla, Baatin and eLZhi and featuring Illa J on there, I really don’t know where to take it from there…it’s kind of up in the air right now whether we’ll do another album or not because half of the group is not here anymore. They’re only here in the spiritual form. I don’t know what to do from there. Mostly, that’s the biggest drawback.” (Hip Hop DX)

Initial speculation on internal conflict began to develop after Elzhi made a few Twitter remarks in early July.

“Not sure what’s going on….I hope Slum Village’s label and T3’s manager respect what I do for SV. Either way I appreciate yall support,” he wrote Tuesday (June 29). (eLZhi’s Twitter)

This was then followed by Elzhi’s manager, Hex Murda, revealing his disassociation with future Slum Village projects.

“For all intents and purposes concerning eLZhi, Slum Village is defunct. This is the last SV LP. We look forward to bringing you eLZhi’s solo project, The Feed. Until then, check him out on Black Milk‘s new opus, Album Of The Year, [in stores] 9/14.” (XXL Mag)

However, Slum Village’s management later hit up SOHH to clarify the rumors.

“When Slum Village hits the stage, it will be the same Slum Village that SV fans got with Detroit Deli and other previous Slum Village albums, minus of course, J Dilla and Baatin. However, in taking the Slum Village legacy into hip-hop’s new millenium, founding SV member T3 has also set out to take Slum Village as a brand to the next level.” (Statement)

Villa Manifesto is in stores today.