[With his “Nasty Freestyle” and its remix catching major buzz, Texas native T-Wayne talks to SOHH about staying focused on music-making, his long-awaited “Who Is Rickey Wayne” follow-up, signing to Lyor Cohen’s 300 label and more.]

“Who Is Rickey Wayne? Part II” is coming soon and it’s going to be crazy. It’s going to have some lines on there that’s going to make you break your computer or whatever you’re listening to the music on.

It’s going to have some disrespectful stuff on there but it’s also going to have some respectful stuff. It might hurt a few feelings.

Now that I have everyone’s attention, it makes me want to put out the music I really, really like making. It’s helping me put out my real music and my stories so people can just see where I came from.

Songs like “Nasty Freestyle” are opening doors up for me right now.

I’m with 300 with Lyor Cohen.

That situation came about from just working. I like how they work and they like how I work so we came up together and now we’re making movies, making films, crafting plays.

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