Grammy-winning rapper T.I. is staying woke at all times. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to share some disturbing facts surrounding the death of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr.

Tip went to Instagram last night (January 15) to remember MLK and warn his 8 million followers about the United States government.

Fellow Atlanta rapper Killer Mike went to social media yesterday to remember King.

Alice Johnson a worker class white woman from north Chicago who was my Mentor, Friend and Loved one was the 1st person to have me read this. She was the person that made sure I understood King was a Radical and not just a “Negro” leader of days past. She told us never believe the PC version but rather study the Radical King. He was anti war, pro people and about the right now! *******************************************She helped me and other kids become organizers and leaders. She made sure I knew I was here to serve my community by being an advocate, activist and organizer. *******************************************I miss u, Al. I miss Rev. #JamesOrange Too. He was a teen when he met King. He joined and organized with the SCLC in Selma and thru out the south. Even after the US Govt helped too Assassinate his beloved friend and leader, He remained a NON VIOLENT organizer until his death. He worked on freeing and welcoming home Mandela. He organized for workers rights locally and internationally. He was a big black man with broad shoulders and strong and a bull and I never saw him raise his fist in anger or violent emotion. He called every child he helped build into an organizer “Leader”. He told me he loved me and wud always not like my name being “Killer”. He was my hero. Alice was my (S)hero. These people both Black and White were products of Kingian Non-violence and showed me how truly radical love is the only way this works. No time for moderate love or thinking. No time for moderate change. Remain a radical. Always. #HappyMLKDay

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We will all not agree. We will all not “get along”. We all not share the same philosophies and strategy for accomplishing freedom but we all are working for our people and all people ultimately. There are many roads to freedom so even if we shud disagree on the proper path, I love u brother and sister and I will see ya When we get there. These two “Georgia Boys” helped shape me and my thinking of what is possible for the black diaspora. One a Muslim And devout separatist and the other a faithful Christian and integrationist both loved Freedom, Justice and sought out Equality for black people and all people. Love and Respect as I Remember all who sacrificed for my freedom and yours. ASA and God’s Peace Be With.

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This week, Southern rapper Young Thug paid homage to Martin Luther King Jr. with his “MLK” single.