Atlanta rapper T.I. just isn’t playing nice. The King of the South has put a target on gossip queen Wendy Williams‘ head and nearly pulled the trigger.

Tip went to Instagram Tuesday (September 12) to comment on some Williams bikini pics and serve up a savage roasting.

Last May, Wendy Williams addressed growing rumors about rap veteran Nas dating Nicki Minaj.

“I never believed that you and Nas were in a real relationship anyway. I don’t know. I have an appreciation for Nicki and I definitely have an appreciation for Nas – I listen to at least four Nas songs every single morning of my life. … Nas does not need to have a girlfriend who still sweats the red carpet. I like Nas being low-key. That’s one of the things I like – you listen to his lyrics – he’s a cool type dude who could smash a Nicki Minaj any day he wants but doesn’t have to claim her for a girlfriend.” (“Wendy Williams Show”)

In December 2016, Wendy scolded Nicki Minaj for going at a person with mental illness.

“I don’t know if Nicki was on one or what at the time, but you know, you need to be a lot more sensitive to mental illness. And I know we all have our ways, we forget about being sensitive and stuff, that was a direct, buzz the window down, sit, probably a car full of people that are smart enough to tell her, ‘Yo, Nicki, alright, stop making jokes. Nicki, you’re going to post that? Wait, don’t post that. Don’t post it.’ So she’s surrounded by stu’nods.”

In the past, rap veteran Snoop Dogg has let loose on Wendy across social media.

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