Grammy-winning rapper T.I. is riding high for his favorite St. Lunatic. The King of the South has reacted to news about Nelly finally having a nasty rape accusation case against him dropped.

This week, Tip went to Instagram to show his support for Nelly and admit he never doubted him.

Now WHAT HAPPENS TO HER?!?!?!🤔 #KnewMyPatnaAintDoThatShit🍾

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After weeks of mounted drama, Nelly’s case finally came to a sudden stop due to the alleged victim’s refusal to cooperate.

Today, the charges have been dropped by the prosecutor’s office, TMZ reports. The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s office reportedly told TMZ that the “alleged victim’s refusal to cooperate made it impossible for them to go forward.” Pitchfork has reached out to Nelly’s representatives and the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for further comment. (Pitchfork)

In mid-October, buzz developed about the victim not having any interest in testifying against Nelly.

Nelly’s rape accuser refusing to testify doesn’t change a thing for cops who are powering through with the investigation … TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources in Washington State tell us police in Auburn are undeterred by the accuser’s noncooperation with the investigation. We’re told Auburn PD is still gathering evidence and plans to present the case to the prosecutor’s office. (TMZ)

The same week, Nelly appeared to send some dicey words to his critics after news went viral of the victim not wanting to testify.

If you ain't call me yesterday don't call me today…!!!! #ASMYCIRCLEGETSSMALLER #ALLWORKNOPLAY

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