Grammy-winning rapper T.I. had some scolding for the Philadelphia Eagles this week after the team made headlines for releasing star player DeSean Jackson over his alleged gang affiliation.

The “King of the South” questioned Philly’s decision-making in letting go of their Pro Bowler.

“That wasn’t smart Philadelphia. How do you send arguably your best player to your, one of your biggest rivals? I don’t understand that. But if the argument was his association with people of his past and him being from the ghetto, I don’t think he had any control over where he lived. If he could have lived in Beverly Hills, I think he would have back then.” (“Arsenio”)

Tip previously spoke to SOHH about ex-Eagles quarterback Mike Vick being one of his favorite players.

“Mike Vick is a personal partner of mine and I’m a fan of him as a football player. I’m really a fan of him as a football player so I think he needs to stay healthy, stay in the pocket. Actually, Vick is a talented individual and so he has the option of staying in pocket and making the plays or figuring out the appropriate time to get the f*ck outta the pocket. As long as he continues to play and stay healthy, stick around the people that are going to go hard for him that can keep [opponents] off his back, I think they’ve got a great chance [to go far].” (SOHH)

This week, Jackson revealed NBA star Kevin Durant played a big role in him signing with the Washington Redskins.

“Another influence was my boy Durant,” Jackson told ESPN 980’s Inside the Locker Room on Wednesday. “Kevin Durant been calling me, he been calling and saying man you know how I’d go crazy for you to be in D.C.” (Washington Post)

Earlier in the week, MMG’s Wale released photos hanging out with DeSean in Washington, DC.

Everyone thinks the biggest moment in a relationship is when the significant other meets the parents. And while that’s certainly a big deal, it’s not the most important moment. That comes when you meet the peers. That’s why Washington Redskins fans eager for news of a DeSean Jackson signing will be happy to see the photo posted to Instagram early Tuesday morning of Jackson, Pierre Garcon, DeAngelo Hall and the D.C. rapper/booster Wale hanging out at a Washington club. (USA Today)

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