Grammy-winning rapper T.I. knows Notorious B.I.G. represented much more than hip-hop. The King of the South has paid homage to the late rap star’s legacy with a slew of throwback pics.

Big Facts

Last night, Tip went to Instagram with a slideshow of unforgettable Biggie Smalls pics. T.I. also explained how much Christopher Wallace meant to the culture.

“RIP BIG. Gone but never forgotten. Sh*t’ll never be the same!”

Notorious B.I.G. legacy celebrated by T.I.

High-Key Details

A few hours ago, Biggie’s former mentor and Bad Boy Records boss Diddy shared some heartfelt moments. Puff Daddy revealed a couple throwback Biggie moments.

“Big was the perfect artist! This candid moment when BIG was having writers block. This only happened to him once. He was talking about retiring. And I’m basically just telling him to stop talking crazy and that he was the greatest of all time. Then he went in and made ‘Hypnotize!’ True story #BadBoyForLife WE WILL NEVER STOP!!!! #WeMissYouBIG!”

Diddy celebrates Notorious B.I.G.’s legacy with rare throwback pic moment

“The Greatest of All Time”

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Diddy celebrates Notorious B.I.G.’s legacy with rare throwback pic

Wait, There’s More

This week, rap veteran AZ remembered the late rapper’s legacy. The Brooklyn native went to Instagram with a shout-out to B.I.G.

“S.I.P. King! Brooklyn will always remember your name!”

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Before You Go

Music producer Easy Mo Bee also remembered Biggie. The veteran musician went online to salute B.I.G.’s memory.

“RIP Christopher Wallace. Notorious B.I.G. Sunrise: May 21, 1972. Sunset: March 9, 1997.”