[With late Hustle Gang member Doe B‘s Definition of a Trapper 3 heating up the Internet with non-stop anthems, SOHH reached out to his mentor T.I. to learn more about the posthumous release.]

We wanted the music out a lot sooner so this is not fast to us. Doe had an incredible work ethic.

A lot of cats spend a lot of time, as soon as they get that record or a record that people know them for and they get a little money, they want to spend all their time in the clubs and they forget what got them in the position to be able to go out and party. Doe wasn’t like that.

I’ve seen Doe many a night say “I ain’t going to the club I’m going to stay in the studio and finish these songs. That’s what got us this large library of incredible music. Even after he passed we still have his large library of music. That alone wouldn’t allow me to let it go to waste. It reminded me just how hard he worked before he passed so it made me want to go just that much harder to make sure he reached its full potential.

The whole team over there at Hustle Gang got involved. Management, all of us put our heads together, and the producers who worked with Doe on the record, like all of us have a piece.

All of us know a different piece which doe wanted to present to the world and the producers worked with Doe on the record. All of us have a piece, a different piece of what Doe wanted to present to the world.

I couldn’t just do it by myself and put it out have it be an accurate representation just me myself alone because he had so many people involved and he had so much to offer.

It was already in the plans for Doe to drop a mixtape in the spring and he was trying to get an album ready July 1st.

Check out Doe B’s Definition of a Trapper 3: