T.I. Referees Young Thug/Lil Wayne Dispute: “I Said, ‘Hey Bro, Whatcha Doing?'”

Written By Rosario Harper

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Grammy-winning rapper T.I. has come forward to shed some light on his pal Young Thug being involved in a publicized rift with rap star Lil Wayne.

After revealing he could possibly end up on Thug’s forthcoming Barter 6 project, Tip offered his take on the rapper’s issues with Weezy F. Baby.

“I believe we got a record on there,” Tip told DJ Whoo Kid referring to Young Thug’s new album. “I asked Thugger myself, man, I said ‘Hey, hey, bro. Whatcha doing? What’s going on [with the Lil Wayne beef?]’ You know? And he basically responded, ‘Man, everybody’s making it a whole lot more. I’m doing it to pay homage. That’s my favorite rapper.’ That’s what he told me. I really don’t know [about what he told you.] I’m telling you what was said, I said. I’ll be sitting around watching in amazement like everybody else.” (“Just Whookid”)

Thug acknowledged Wayne’s frustrations and vowed to never beef with him a few days ago.

“I understand that Lil Wayne is frustrated about his career and I feel him on that but this is my idol. I wouldn’t ever in my life swap words with him or beef with him about nothin’. This is a person that I look up to. Ha ha!” (Young Thug’s Instagram)

Footage of Lil Wayne taking an ample shot at Thug, who released his Carter 6 nude cover last week, emerged online Friday (April 10).

“Y’all let ’em know I said f*ck ’em,” Wayne said in the clip. “Before I go any further, I want y’all to do me a favor and stop listening to songs that of n*ggas that pose naked on their motherf*cking album cover.”


Written by Rosario Harper

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