Today, T.I. reported to an Arkansas prison to begin serving his 366 day prison sentence. SOHH caught with some T.I. colleague, including Bun B and producer Jim Jonsin, to see what final words they had for Tip.

Jim Jonsin, who produced Tip’s hit “Whatever You Like” had a unique plan to ensure that the rapper is able to continue making music in prison.

“I was trying to see if he could get an iPod in there so he could write some music while he’s in there. He doesn’t think that that’s possible.&nbsp; T.I. look, what I’m going to do for you is I’m going to contact every crooked cop in the system and I’m gonna find a way to get you an iPod so you can write some music,” said Jonsin.&nbsp; “So any of you corrections officers that want to try and get T.I. an iPod just contact Jim Jonsin and I’ll send out ten bucks and an iPod so you can buy some lunch or maybe I’ll get you a beer tab at your local bar.” (SOHH)

Bun B told SOHH that he doesn’t think T.I. needs any advice to get through his sentence.

“Tip’s a very intelligent young man, he’s very resourceful. He has a very sharp sense of understanding life and situations involved in it. I couldn’t give him any more advice than what he probably knows already. Just to keep God first, stay focused and do his time don’t let his time do him. Prison is not a place to commiserate and make friends at. But like I say, all these things are things that I’m very sure Tip knows already. I’d just tell him to keep his head up like anybody else and make sure he got an address on me and I got one on him. So I can shoot him a kite, send him a picture or two. That shit go a long way I don’t think people realize. Tip’s a good dude he’s a smart dude. I’m pretty sure with God on his side, he’ll be alright. (SOHH)

T.I. turned himself in to authorities earlier today, approximately thirty minutes past his 12 pm deadline.

Rapper T.I. reported to a federal prison in Arkansas Tuesday after a court imposed deadline to begin serving a weapons conviction… A federal prisons spokesman said after the deadline that Harris was not listed in custody. It’s not clear if Harris will face any sanctions for apparently missing the deadline. Harris could face more than eight years in prison if he does not meet terms of his plea deal (AP).

Lil’ C an in-house producer at T.I.’s label Grand Hustle told previously told SOHH it will be business as usual while the boss is away.

“We just gon’ keep the treadmill going man, keep the bike running,” said Lil’ C. “It’s gon’ be like he’s here but he’s not here. It’s year and a day. You just let the time do itself. We just suck it up and keep it moving. It shouldn’t be no different for when he comes home. It’s not going to change nothin’. We gon’ keep it like he is here.” (SOHH)