Grammy-winning rapper T.I. deserves more than just hip-hop medals after reportedly coming to the rescue to a woman who was involved in a serious California car crash this week.

Details of Tip’s heroics and photos from the scene have surfaced online.

T.I. tells TMZ he was driving to a Popeye’s in Inglewood Wednesday when he witnessed a horrific car wreck — a cab slammed into an SUV, causing it to careen over on its side. T.I. walked over to the SUV to help the driver when she looked up, saw him, and said, “Is that T.I.?” The rapper stayed with her until the ambulance came. Once the ordeal was over, T.I. went on his way but decided to hit up a different Popeye’s because “that one had too much going on.” (TMZ)

Back in 2010, the “King of the South” helped a man avoid killing himself.

T.I. saves the day. Or at least the possible Midtown jumper’s life. Atlanta Police tell CL the rap star visited the scene of today’s incident and told officers he wanted to speak with the unidentified man who around 4 p.m. had threatened to jump from the 22-story Colony Square Building. (Creative Loafing)

Tip eventually came forward to speak out on what took place.

“I’m not taking any credit,” T.I. said in an interview with radio host Ryan Cameron. “It could have been resolved in another way. The fact of the matter is God put me in a position, and put in my spirit to be in the position to help, and I can’t take any credit for that…I didn’t wake up this morning with the intentions of going down and helping hostage negotiators talk someone down off a ledge. I don’t think that could be in anyone’s plan of action. I don’t expect this to have any different impact on any of my circumstances. That wasn’t my motivation.” (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

The victim’s mother also spoke out after rumors of the incident being staged grew.

“I wish it was a publicity stunt and my son wasn’t hurting as bad as he is and to get up there and do something like that. It’s an embarrassment really and it’s like my God, thank God for T.I!! So I’m just saying that it’s crazy for people to think that someone would do that as a publicity stunt. It just bothers my mind…My son was on top of the roof. I was speaking to an officer on the phone. He would not come down while I was on the phone because I was still at work and I need to try and keep my job, okay. That’s part of my son’s problem, he can’t find work in Atlanta and he has other issues/problems. He’s thinking that’s where it ends and that’s when it hit, he didn’t want to live any more…” (Necole Bitchie)