Grammy-winning rapper T.I. is ready to put on for his team by announcing plans to drop a new mixtape called G.D.O.D.: The Introduction within the next four weeks.

Tip broke the news in an interview with West Coast hip-hop personality DJ Skee and promised to deliver the project before this summer.

“This is breaking news, breaking news, hold all the presses, man, everything must stop,” Tip said in an interview. “Hustle Gang mixtape, G.D.O.D: The Introduction coming soon, man. Give me four weeks to put it together and speaking on behalf of all Hustle Gang affiliates and artists, that go for Shad Da God, that go for Trae Tha Truth, that go for B.o.B., that go for Iggy Azalea, that go for Travis Scott, yah mean? And several, several others, but the best thing about being the Hustle Gang head honcho is I ain’t got to speak for my partners. They bosses on their own, you understand? … I don’t care what you want to spend money on, if you don’t like T.I., that’s fine man. There’s somebody over here that you’re going to like, just separate yours from mines.” (Skee TV)

Earlier this week, Tip aired out MTV’s annual “Hottest MCs in the Game” list and spoke on putting emphasis toward his bank and team.

“I ain’t stunin’ nothin’ about no motherf*cking top ten, no motherf*cking hip-hop top ten, whoever on the list got d*mmnit, salute to ya, I don’t give a f*ck about it, I care about my bankroll n*gga and that sh*t growing. That sh*t growing like I added water to it. I’m stretching this sh*t, man and one thing about it, man — I spent two years sitting still. I wasn’t really able to move around because I was in prison. So for me to even be out here, and still in the motherf*cking mix — you gotta judge me according to my circumstances. You compare me to Wayne? Sh*t, man, got d*mn, I was locked up two years straight, this n*gga was out here selling records. You comparing me to Kanye? When I was locked up, he was out here selling records. … I expect them to be on the top ten, go ahead and enjoy it.” (Shade 45)

Last month, Grand Hustle affiliate Iggy Azalea called out online sites for not properly labeling her status with T.I.’s crew.

“It would be really nice if blogs would stop reporting that I’m not a part of grand hustle, because Iam. Jerks.,” she tweeted March 6th. (Iggy Azalea’s Twitter)

Grand Hustle’s B.o.B. previously spoke to SOHH about his team continuing to grow and become stronger.

It’s definitely growing especially with Iggy, Chipmunk, we call him Chip, and Trae Tha Truth. Me and Trae have been cool for a minute. Every time I come to the city, he always looks out. Anyone who knows Trae knows he really looks out. It’s a really good vibe, a really good energy moving. I feel like that’s important because everyone can benefit from that. It’s just a really creative driving force. Even being in opposite areas of the country, you just have that drive which is everything. (SOHH)

Check out T.I.’s interview: