Grammy-winning rapper T.I. just has too much good in his heart. The King of the South continued to prove the world he’s a one of one by joining forces with a church and reality TV star to bail out 23 non-violent offenders for Easter.

According to reports, Tip and an Atlanta church teamed up to raise $120,000 for bail.

The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church partnered with the Atlantan rapper as well as Scrapp Deleon of VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop,” initially seeking to raise $40,000 to bail out nonviolent, predominantly first-time offenders. By the end of Lent, however, they had reached $120,000, enough to bring seven women and 16 men home for Easter Sunday, according to the news outlet. (The Hill)

Family members have already spoken out on getting to spend the Easter holiday with their loved ones.

Beaming next to her nephew, Sylvia Gordon said she was grateful to God for the opportunity to share the holiday together. When asked what their Easter plans are, the pair answered: “Go to church!” “It’s like a whole new clean slate,” said Tyron Pollard another program recipient. “I was doing drugs before I got locked up … but I don’t want to do nothing but do right and strive to be a model citizen for my kids.” (Fox 5)

Each released person is expected to have a mentor and possible college funds assistance.

But the “Bail Out” program is doing much more than just giving first-time offenders their freedom. Each individual is assigned a mentor for ongoing, weekly check-ins, and a portion of the money raised will be set aside to help their children attend college in the future. (The Root)