Grammy-winning rapper T.I. is big mad. The King of the South hit up social media this week to remind fans just how lopsided the criminal system is in 2019.

Tip went to Instagram to share his disgust in a 12-year-old appearing in court on a felony charge for selling CDs and compared it to a former daycare worker only getting probation for attempted murder of a toddler.

Last week, 12-year-old Corey “Lil C Note” Jackson made headlines after appearing in court following an October arrest for allegedly selling his mixtape at a Georgia mall.

Jackson was in Georgia visiting family when he was arrested in the mall’s food court. Police allege that the young rapper was taken into custody after he was told twice to stop selling his mixtapes. But Jackson‘s lawyer, Mawuli Davis, has maintained his young client’s innocence. “When he was there, he was not selling any CDs,” Davis told CBS 46. (Yahoo! Lifestyle)

Over the past few days, Corey has relied on social media to defend his image.

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I wanna thank Jackson Atlanta for this special piece they did. I would love for everyone to see this & understand what happen to me is big but what’s much bigger than that is it’s happing everyday & ppl are losing there lives to cops.. That should not be the way our young & youth should have to leave this earth, I was always raised to honor & respect the law for they are to protect & serve us. But unfortunately now today I think about avoiding the police scared of what they may do to me just because maybe lack of training or because maybe he or she is having a bad day today or because I’m stereotyped in this world and looked at as a threat when clearly I’m not any threat… I have started a movement called #EndJustUs which I just dropped a New Ep out called #EndJustUs #Please Go Get It!! Download it now #LinkInMyBio it’s strictly about #empowerment & never giving up on your #dreams Thanks to @officialboosieig he also stands fully behind my movement & I look to have plenty more with the voice to speak to step up & let’s make a change… I’m standing & speaking for all that unfortunately not here with us on this earth due to some type of #Injustice #Repost✊🏾💪🏾💯 #ThaYouthMatters✊🏾💪🏾 #coreyj #jjacksonliveinatlantashow #thejasminebrand

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Back in 2018, Judge Jay Quam made a controversial decision to avoid giving former daycare worker Nataliia Karia years in prison despite pleading guilty to attempted murder of a toddler.

Instead, Quam ruled that her mental illness justifies a lower sentence. And if she follows exactly her mental health plan – then probation is more appropriate than prison. “I’m going to put you on probation for 10 years. If you make it through 10 years, I have absolutely no doubt that all this will be safe, and that I will have made the right choice here today,” Quam said. (NBC 2 News)