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T.I. Confirms Dr. Dre Studio Sessions, Dishes On Doc’s “Nerve-Racking Process”

Written By Biz Jones

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Grammy-winning rapper T.I. recently talked about clocking in some studio time with music icon Dr. Dre for his upcoming The Dime Trap album.

Although slim with details, Tip detailed how serious Dre still takes music-making.

“Dre’s the homie, to be honest with you. I’ve never seen somebody so meticulous about music before. The only thing that I can say was a similar experience was when me and Eminem did those songs together. The way Em is about a verse, that’s how Dre is about production. It’s a very tedious, meticulous, nerve-wracking process. But the outcome is immeasurable. You just can’t describe the difference in the magnitude of production that goes from what we’re used to doing and what he’s used to doing.” (Rolling Stone)

Earlier this month, Tip credited his fans for inspiring the upcoming solo effort.

“At this point in my career, my tenth album, it’s time for me to really, really dedicate the attention that is deserved by the fans who were here first. At this point in time, at this point in my career, if I can’t make the music that I want to make to satisfy them, them being here first, them being down with me the longest, I might as well stop making music.” (KMEL)

Tip showed off a picture of himself and music mogul Dr. Dre via Instagram last Thursday (September 10).

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Recently, T.I. revealed his upcoming The Dime Trap album would remind fans of his early pre-fame days.

“I feel like, when you’ve done hits like “Whatever You Like” and “Dead and Gone,” when you do those mainstream kind of “Blurred Lines”-ish kind of records, you don’t go and try to top “Blurred Lines.” You just come to a whole new element, bring it back down and build the process back over again. I’m breaking it all down, back to the element of where my music first began to interest people, and build it all over again.” (Movie Web)


Written by Biz Jones

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