Grammy-winning rapper T.I.‘s not here for Lonzo Ball disrespecting Nas. The hip-hop veteran has come to God Son’s defense amid a diss fired at him from the Los Angeles Lakers rookie.

Last night, Tip lit up Instagram with some dicey af words for Lonzo.

This weekend, West Coast rapper Lil B threatened to curse Ball for talking down on Nas.

Heading into the weekend, Hollywood actor Michael Rapaport went savage mode on Lonzo.

“Lonzo Ball, you funny-looking motherf*cker you. You said that Nas ain’t hip-hop? My man, you grew up in Chino Hills. What the f*ck do you know about hip-hop?! That’s that Big Baller Brand bullsh*t. Putting out $495 sneakers for the culture and then talking about Nas ain’t hip-hop? You’re the type of motherf*cker that’s going to be famous for the next 20 years and we’re never going to see you with a chick. You’re the type of motherf*cker who thinks Malibu’s Most Wanted and White Chicks are gangster films. ‘Nas ain’t hip-hop.’ This is coming from the business mind of a motherf*cker who makes his own sneakers but then doesn’t wear them when everybody’s watching. I get it, you’re young, dumb and full of c*m. But when you go to your first playoff game listening to that mumble rap sh*t rocking a purse, I don’t want everybody to freak out.”

Lonzo Ball said Nas ain't HipHop! #SuckaShit

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This week, footage emerged of Lonzo Ball clowning Nas and his rap game status.

“Y’all outdated, man, don’t nobody listen to Nas no more. Real hip-hop is Migos, Future.” (Sports & News)


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