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SZA Reveals Who Rejected Her First-Ever Feature Request + Admits She Knows Some People Hate Her: “He Told Me No Faster Thank I Could Blink”

Written By Chris Goossens

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Top Dawg Entertainment star SZA is out here spilling all types of tea. This week, she went to social media to share a story about the first time she ever asked for a feature and had it rejected with the quickness.

SZA x Earl

SZA revealed that she asked former Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt for a feature. She said that she cried after he shut down the request immediately but that the pair is cool now.

“The first feature I ever asked for was Earl Sweatshirt and he told me no faster than I could blink. I dead** cried. We frens now.” -SZA’s Instagram

High-Key Details

Despite some fan speculation suggesting there’s bad blood between her and Earl, she quickly co-signed him right after the initial tweet. SZA also noted how even though there might be some people that hate her, she still recognizes their talent.

“Lmao UR CRAZY ! He’s SO talented. There’s literally ppl that hate me rn that I think are SO talented and idc that they hate me 😂 I still bang they sh*t” -SZA’s Twitter

Wait, There’s More

The TDE star has plenty of other stories to tell these days. The popular crooner recently came forward to share a wild real-life tale about catching a former flame cheating on her. This past weekend, the West Coast singer hit up her Twitter page and didn’t hold back on spilling major tea. The Los Angeles entertainer remembered busting her former boo and a girlfriend smashing behind her back.

“That time I caught my ex f*cking my homegirl from the back at a house party … story time is not enough. I checked every single room in the house and they were in the LAST ONE AAHAHA OMG. What’s sick is she invited me to the partyyyy. Everybody thinks they become donkey Kong in that situation but I really just said ‘oop SORRY !!’ And closed the door real fast I walked all the way home in the dark alone and cried” -SZA’s Twitter

Before You Go

SZA recently went online to speak on not caring about popularity. She warned followers not to do anything risky for a little clout.

“Try not to do stupid sh*t to be liked. It’ll cost u. I used to give a f*ck about being disliked by people I liked and respected a lot. Gotta let that sh*t burn. So be it.” -SZA’s Twitter

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Written by Chris Goossens

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