New York producer Swizz Beatz knows he’s with a ride or die. The hip-hop veteran went to social media this week with a quick reminder of how much of a boss woman his wife Alicia Keys is.

Swizzy jumped on Instagram last night with a must-like shot of his soulmate.

Keys is known for flexing their love and close-knit bond across social media.

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sweet love + summer vibes πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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In June, Swizz talked about their potential July 31 anniversary plans.

β€œWe start with all these big plans and then might just end up sitting home, eating popcorn and just laughing, making jokes,” he predicted. β€œThen, going somewhere at the last minute. … We’re very spontaneous and that’s the one thing with relationships, being spontaneous and not being so programmed to where people feel you should be or what you think you should be because of what people feel you should be. We wake up in the morning, just chill. That’s what we do.” (Us Weekly)

In 2018, the duo celebrated 8 strong years together with sneak peeks from a romantic getaway.