Former Ruff Ryders producer Swizz Beatz recently updated fans on the status behind a long-awaited The LOX reunion album and why he is not losing sleep over the project.

According to Swizzy, the group’s highly-anticipated record rests in Styles P, Jadakiss and Sheek Louch‘s hands.

“It started off as a great concept, but you know, I’mma leave that up to Styles, ‘Kiss and Sheek,” Swizz told “RFL” host Sway Calloway. “We already like 10 joints in, and Khaled definitely has an ear for music and especially bringing along those collaborations, which I think could be a strong point for the LOX. But it’s [whatever] the LOX think.” Regardless of which direction the Yonkers trio take as far as production and scope for their 2014 LP, according to Swizz, what he’s heard already sounds nice. “L-O-X!” he said. “L-O-X!” (MTV)

Last summer, Jada spoke out onthe media and fans failing to realize L-O-X have never had a falling out.

“We see each other every day,” Jada said referring to LOX. “We got this L-O-X tatted on us and this is for life. I hate when people say a reunion album ’cause we never had a fallout, we never had no social media arguments, you’ve never seen it in no magazines or none of that. We brothers for life. Only jail or death can separate us.” (Hypebeast)

In April, Styles revealed their main focus was on putting out new music and would handle possible record deal offers when the time is right.

“You’ll probably hear a LOX song any day now. We just did some joints for Flex’s mixtape. We’re kinda just working right now, we’re sticking to the original LOX format. People are calling us with offers, but we’re still in work mode and trying to get the work done, then we’ll figure all that out.” (FUSE)

Last year, ‘Kiss admitted a possible Bad Boy reunion fell through.

“Nah, we went over there, we gave him a shot at it,” Jada said. “He wanted to do it, but I don’t think contractually with all of the forces, we weren’t able to do it, but he’s still the big homie.” (“Sway in the Morning”)

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