Producer legend Swizz Beatz is clocking in major time with his mini-me’s. This weekend, he went online with a look at some hardcore candy goals too.

Swizz Beatz Does Family Time

Heading into Sunday, Beatz went to Instagram with a priceless picture of his sons getting their sweet tooth on. The shot features his two boys holding onto their preferred candy go-to bags as they wear face masks.

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Swizz Beatz does family time with his sons.

High-Key Details

OVO Sound boss Drake‘s camp recently appeared big mad at the music legend. A few weeks ago, the hip-hop star’s team came forward to fire direct shots at Swizz following dicey remarks he made toward the 6 God over his crew allegedly leaking a shelved Busta Rhymes collaboration. Folks from Drizzy’s side of the world went directly at Swizzy. The rap star’s longtime friend Chubbs even ripped Beatz on his Instagram Story.

Wait, There’s More

Prior to getting singled out, Swizz went to his Instagram Story with an open apology. Beatz admitted he spoke out of line and should not have called out the 6 God.

“I was in the wrong space, I was in the wrong energy. I hate that my kids and other people got to see me be on that side. I was a little nice, I was a little excited. I definitely spoke on some things that I definitely shouldn’t have spoke on. Although I might feel a way about a certain person and different things like that, as a g, I’m man enough to say that I did that on a platform I wasn’t supposed to do it like that because I wouldn’t respect somebody else if they did something like that.” -Swizz Beatz’s Instagram Story

Before You Go

A week before, Beatz hopped on an Instagram Live session with Busta and unloaded big emotions. In the clip, Swizzy took a direct shot at the person responsible for unleashing the previously shelved anthem.

During an Instagram Live session with Busta Rhymes, Swizz made it clear that his “filter [was] burnt” when it came to the situation. “Because at the end of the day, n*ggas is p*ssy for real. What’s up? Pop off. Let’s go,” Swizz said in conversation with Busta. It appears that Swizz’s problem with the leak is the fact it possibly came from Drake’s camp. And if that was the case, then Drake would have been putting out a track that no one can profit from. (Complex)