[With songs like “I’m Reloaded” and “When I Blow” buzzing, SOHH First artist Sweet Da Kid talks to SOHH about shielding his identity with a mask in all of his visuals and pictures.]

The mask is really the look I want you guys to see me in. It’s something where when I shot my first video I was like, “This is how I want you to see me as.”

I had been recording songs for a while but never done anything visually. So I wanted to do something different and grabbed the mask.

I know it’s been done in the past but I just wanted to put my own little twist on it.

I have looked into the future and have seen where I want to go with the mask. The mask is something that I want to do for the moment.

I definitely want to switch things up, I’m not really sure which way I want to go but at the time the mask seemed like a good fit and I just ran with it.

It does seem like something that’s marketable and that’s good to have on your side.

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