Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee is reminding fans why they shouldn’t ghost him the next time there’s a free Instagram Live concert streaming. The hip-hop star went online to share his epic Friday night show.

Big Facts

On Sunday, Swae hit up his YouTube channel with the must-see content. The video starts with him pulling up to his in-studio stage and going all-out for nearly 40 minutes.

Swae Lee’s 40 Minute IG Live Concert

High-Key Details

Friday night, Swae Lee went all-out for a must-see concert. During his Instagram Live stream, Swae turned up to his hits from a recording studio.

On Lock: Machine Gun Kelly isn’t the only one turning up in the studio. Swae Lee put on an impressive IG Live concert Friday night

Wait, There’s More

Swae even took things up a notch. The hip-hop heavyweight had Chicago rapper Lil Durk join the live stream.

Before You Go

Thursday night, Swae hit up Instagram to break the free show news to fans. He also said his performance would go down at 8 o’clock although he didn’t mention if he meant in the morning or at night.

“Instagram live concert tomorrow @8:00 free tickets. See y’all then. Hitting the stage @ 8. Tickets free for everyone”